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Hello.Welcome to my world.

Things are changing around here again - finally. I know that sounds a little strange, but this is my web site so you should get used to it. It is pretty accurate.

My life has changed, my business has changed, hey what do you know; life happens to everyone sooner or later. Updating this site is going to take a while. I know this because the last time I started doing it was a couple of years ago and I never finished. A big part of the problem is that there is soooo much stuff on this web server!

Until the proverbial bun gets out of the oven, you my dear visitor are going to have to settle for a list of links. But before you go further you should know that the biggest changes to be made are in the Recreational Section http://www.canopy.net/recreation.

If the link doesn't interest you don't click on it. I'll not even hint at assuring political correctness, and some of this stuff has nothing to do with anything. From here on down the content has no particular ryme or reason at this point, so be forewarned. Be Brave.


1987 Ford F-150 4x4
Hot little 351w, 4.56 gears, camo paint, lots more. Destined to be a trail truck. . . . I hope.

Sunspot. An Unexpected Sea Kayak Treat.

Endeavor 17. My Expected Cedar Strip Kayak.
. . and expected, and expected, and expected . .

The Underdog, We are.

Team Wildfire. Playing Woods/Urban Paintball to Too High a Standard.

Tallahasse Kayak & Canoe Paddlers' Information

Boats by Solitaire - Woodstrip Kayaks, Canoes, Sculling Shells

CMC Pressure Washers & Equipment.

Dogs 'R' Us. I don't care what she says I am still their human. Ask them.

Race day - really old but funny

Fat Tire Festival 2001

Suzette's Gazette
One of the best web sites on native Florida plants and critters - bar none.

Very Old Techtraining TechCon Information

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